Life Of Socrates 1750 philosophy

Schopenhauer and the Philosophy of Mind

Interpreting Altered States of Mind through Bergson & Schopenhauer

Nietzsche and Nihilism

Nietzsche – Will to Power

Kant’s Ethics – Summary

Logical Positivism – Summary

Carl Jung – Summary

Kant’s Moral Argument for God

Kant on Self-Consciousness

Panpsychism – Introduction

What is the ‘Sublime’?

Hypnagogic Hallucinations

Schopenhauer – Atheist, Idealist, Visionary

Neo-Nihilism – eBook

Value of Nietzsche’s ‘The Will to Power’ Manuscript

Philosophy and Psychedelic Phenomenology

Metaphysical Doctrine of Nietzsche’s Will to Power

A. N. Whitehead – Conspectus

Antichrist Psychonaut: Nietzsche’s Psychoactive Drugs

Philosopher Virtues

Quine: ‘On What There Is’ – summary

A. N. Whitehead’s Process Philosophy – Introductory Notes

On Originality in Writing

Whitehead’s Nietzsche

The Philosophy of Organism (in Philosophy Now)

The Hidden Psychedelic History of Philosophy

Elementary Propositional Logic


The Great God Pan is Not Dead: Whitehead and the Psychedelic Mode of Perception

3:am Magazine interview

Panpsychism: 3 reasons why the world is brimming with sentience

Against Anil Seth’s Criticism of Panpsychism

Conspectus of Jaegwon Kim’s paper, ‘Mental Causation and Consciousness: Our Two Mind-body Problems’

Conspectus of J. R. Smythies’ Theories of Mind, Matter, and N-Dimensional Space

Why I am not a Physicalist: Four Reasons for Rejecting the Faith

Book Review: Alien Information Theory

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