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Peter Sjöstedt-H – TEDx Talk: Consciousness and Psychedelics

Belgian TV interview: Philosophy & Psychedelics with Peter Sjöstedt-H, Otto-Jan Ham & Bart Van Peer

Peter Sjöstedt-H – NPV Panel Discussion on Mind


Why I am not a Physicalist: Four Reasons for Rejecting the Faith


Panpsychism: Ubiquitous Sentience


A. N. Whitehead – Introduction


Nietzsche – Overman:


Panpsychism and Psychedelic Sentience (slides video):


Nietzsche – Will to Power:


The Psychedelic Influence on Philosophy (lecture):


The Great God Pan is Not Dead (slides only):


Panpsychism: ubiquitous sentience:

Schopenhauer: Atheist, Idealist, Visionary:


Mind Transcends Brain:




The Correlation-Requires-Correlates Proof of Double-Aspect Theory:


Lecture Extract: Schopenhauer Synopsis:


Lecture Extract: Nietzsche Aspect:


Lecture: Interpreting Altered States of Consciousness via Bergson and Schopenhauer:


Might is Right – Ragnar Redbeard:


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