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Neo-Nihilism: the Philosophy of Power 

– Introduction 
– Morality is Illusion 
– Law is Force 
– Life is Will to Power 

This text concisely puts forward the case for a form of nihilism – fusing thoughts from Hume, Schopenhauer, and Nietzsche, amongst others. It forcefully argues that morality as we know it is a power structure disguised as knowledge; that law is based upon this false idol; and that thus power is, in fact, the basis of all life. 

Written by the Philosopher Peter Sjöstedt-H

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Reviews of the book:

From Warren Ellis (award-winning author)

‘NEO-NIHILISM by Peter Sjöstedt-H, a short tract intended to reframe nihilism as a sane and kind response to the external world. It’s short, but extremely careful in its language, very compressed and focused. It does start from an atheist perspective, as it’s largely about finding the edges of the layered power structures in the world, so buyer beware.  I thought it was a marvellous statement.

NEO-NIHILISM, Peter Sjöstedt-H (UK) (US)’

– Post from 9th August 2015 on Morning Computer

Warren Ellis also has based the new representation of Marvel Superhero Karnak on Peter Sjöstedt-H’s text:

‘…right now, I am still writing KARNAK, and am therefore immersed in the viewpoint of various strains of speculative realism, tending towards the nihilistic frames of Peter Sjostedt-H and Eugene Thacker…’

(– Orbital Operations – 18-10-2015)

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Marvel Superhero Karnak #1 inspired by Sjöstedt-H’s Neo-Nihilism

Warren Ellis Sjostedt-H Karnal Marvel Inhuman Superhero Philosopher

Karnak #1 Cover 2015

From Amazon:

From A. K. Berner:

‘Masterpiece of Philosophy –

When Paul Feyerabend died in 1994, I felt that the world was without any living top-notch philosophers. This book changed my mind on that, and I am excited to see what else Peter Sjostedt-H might write.

What I liked about this book:
1) Concise, clear, and irrefutable… plucks the essence from the difficult writings of some of the greatest individualist philosophers, and can save untold 100s of hours of study for the independent thinker who is wondering what is at the heart of Nietzsche’s insights, and what ethics are actually about.

2) While presenting a new perspective, stands solidly on the shoulders of giants, without the common practice of claiming to have invented something new. A philosophical work, as Wittgenstein said, ” … consists essentially of elucidations. Philosophy does not result in ‘philosophical propositions’, but rather in the clarification of propositions. Without philosophy thoughts are, as it were, cloudy and indistinct: its task is to make them clear and to give them sharp boundaries.” Peter’s focus is about clear thinking about some of the most important questions in ethics, and as voluntaryists might claim that the best government is no government, Peter shows us how the best objective ethics is no objective ethics… oftentimes the finest contribution of philosophy is where it helps us see that the most basic questions we are asking already presume what should not be presumed.

3) He also *does* offer something *new* beyond clarity, and that is one of my own favorite perspectives: that rejecting objective morality has nothing to do with rejecting subjective morality and values. Therefore, the presumption that Nihilism is incompatible with morality and can never lead to a purposeful, directed, and fulfilling life is false…. but this morality must always come from within (one’s own internal value scale, as Ludwig von Mises called it), not from an external moral structure.

Kudos on the best book on philosophy in decades!’

From Jason Lane:

‘An Exquisite Instrument –

“Concise”, that seems to be the recurring word when referring to Peter Sjöstedt-H, and it is apt. Firstly, I didn’t come across this book to look for a justification of the malign, that is always attributed to the Nihilist. I came to a philosophical personal ‘crisis’ where it became apparent to me that any basis for Morals or Ethics became questionable, I looked in vain from Normative Ethics to Applied Ethics, they all were laking logic. Meta- Ethics then, but the basis; surely there has to be some foundation?- No! From examples in nature to cultures highest ideals – no basis, the hole widened the more I searched. However you approach morality, from Ayn Rand’s ‘Objectivism’ to the absurdities of Utilitarianism to what in my mind is one of the greatest fallacies – Humanism, Mr. Sjöstedt-H brings a weapon most potent! I can’t praise this philosopher enough. For the curious or skeptical, look him up on Facebook or Youtube he is ‘Ontologistics’

From Owen Retsof:

‘The Beast –

Managing to cover politics, ethics, and metaphysics, the author has given us a crash course in the philosophy of Neo-Nihilism.
Drawing primarily from Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, and Kant, this book reads almost like a manifesto, a call to arms for a revolt against the constraints of morality, which in Sjostedt’s view is nothing more than a sophisticated tool of domination, no different in substance from organised religion.
I should point out that the book presupposes atheism, and would not be ideal as a starting point for the theist reader – unless they were hoping to confirm their own bias and get a glimpse at the frightening implications of the opposing viewpoint.

From James T. Stillwell:

‘This is the red pill philosophy –

This is one of the best books on nihilism I have ever read. It is a brutally honest look at the world as “will to power” and that alone. It clearly exposes all morality, virtues and politics as will to power structures. As a matrix which has been pulled over your eyes. In this book Peter offers a theoretical form of nihilism. (All values are intrinsically subjective not non existent) A more consistent nihilism on my view. A Neo-Nihilism.
This book is the red pill, it is Nietzshean enlightenment. if you want to stay in slumber don’t take it! It will smash your blissful illusions of objective rightness. This book is drenched in pure power philosophy. It is the philosophy of the hammer. I would dare say the philosophy of the übermensch….. the I-Theist.

From Vincent Lee:

‘Concise but Powerful – 

Although the book is only approximately 33-pages long it is very comprehensive, do not let the apparent short length of the book dissuade you.In the book Peter Sjöstedt-H completely eviscerates the illusion of morality. He goes into detail exposing the errors in utilitarianism, deontology, contractarianism and other moral presuppositions. He reveals what morality, law and religion truly are: power structures use to dominate and control. All moral prescriptions are not expression of facts but are in fact power plays.I highly recommend this book to anyone especially atheist who are interested in nihilism, this is a great introduction. Even if you are already a nihilist I still recommend this book as it really encapsulates the arguments for nihilism.
From M Costa:
‘Brilliant –
Fantastic book. Extremely well-written and concise. The writer presents aspects of Nihilism with what I feel is more attuned to the 21st Century reader. Peter’s prose is fully engaging and is actually a joy to read, delivering his thoughts in a clear and understandable way.
In terms of price, for just 33 pages a price tag of £4.00 might seem steep, but it is genuinely worth the cost, as this book puts into perspective a lot of important values in life.
From Josh Shaw (28-2-2015):
Powerful! –
Engaging and succinct – got this on a whim and couldn’t put it down. Now I can’t stop talking about it. Maybe I’m just gonna start from the beginning.’
I was reading Warren Ellis’ newsletter and he’d mentioned this book, it’s about power structure, and the viewing the world as it is and not how we’re told it is. You feel kind of free after reading, and it shouldn’t take you long.
From ‘X’ (4th June 2015):
‘I was reading Warren Ellis’ newsletter and he’d mentioned this book, it’s about power structure, and the viewing the world as it is and not how we’re told it is. You feel kind of free after reading, and it shouldn’t take you long.
From Justin Hansen (18th July 2015):
‘Excellent –
The core of this short outpouring of thought, as I opine it, is the refutation of the foundations of thinking as possessing an inherent basis.
To use a buddhist term ‘the emptiness of emptiness.’ I will be looking for more works by this author.


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