From students:


Peter is a fantastic tutor. I found his lessons to be extremely interesting. Most of all, Peter taught me how to formulate and analyse arguments in great detail. This proved invaluable to me during my studies.

My philosophy classes with him were always my favourite lessons. He challenges you to think in new ways. This helped me to fully explore and engage with philosophy.

I am very grateful to Peter for helping me succeed in my Philosophy course. His ability to explain complicated and difficult material is great for newcomers to the subject. Thanks to Peter, I am now excited to begin Philosophy at degree level.”

– Sebastian E.

“In Pete’s lessons, I felt he had this astounding ability to understand what and how we (I and the rest of the class) thought, as individuals. In that, when a student expressed a concept to him he never rejected it, which made all students feel he believed in us and gave us confidence to express philosophical concepts that he helped develop with constructive feedback. His understanding nature has struck me so heavily that even till this day he remains my mentor and I still ask him for advice.”

– Jaydeep S.

“Peter is an enthusiastic and determined teacher, during tuitions he always made sure I understood the topic thoroughly. He made learning fun and equiped me with the right tools to learn most efficiently and effectively.”

– Gence E.

“Peter made learning fun by relating old philosophies with modern thinking. His easy going nature and good humour made it a relaxed and comfortable learning environment.”

– Sophie B.

“Lessons were easily accessible, fun and offered an excellent platform to my A-levels as well as my BA in Philosophy and Psychology.

Philosophy, by anyone’s standards, is a challenging subject. Peter offered a stress free, concise, and overall, fun introduction to the major philosophical themes, inevitably enabled me to better explore and understand this interesting subject. Furthermore, this meant, when it came to my A-levels, I not only knew facts but also had a deeper comprehension of the content. These valuable lessons inspired me to undertake further academia in philosophy.”

– Oliver N.