Reading Lists

I find it very useful to note down the texts that I read (for later reference). Most of these entries are journal articles, but also included are the odd book chapters, interviews, and so on (excluded are news articles). The lists are not exhaustive.

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 –Peter Sjöstedt-H –












Reading – AugOct 2017


Readings Oct2017 to Jan2018


Readings – JanMarch2018


Readings – MarchApril2018

sjostedt-h panpsychism

Readings – April May 2018

sjostedt-h panpsychism

Readings – May to July 2018


peter sjostedt-h philosophy of mind panpsychism identity theory central

Reading List – July-August 2018


peter sjostedt h identity theory panpsychism philosophy mind

Peter Sjostedt-H reading list Smythies H H Price mescaline twofold space

Reading List: Aug–Sept 2018


sjostedt-h ouspensky hyperspace hinton space



peter sjostedt h philosophy

Reading List – Nov-Dec 2018


Peter Sjostedt H panpsychism PhD doctor doctorate learn texts literature strawson galen krueger joel Mach monism


Peter sjostedt h reading list edwin abbott lanz passie strawson

Reading List – Jan-Feb 2019


peter sjostedt h philosophy ouspensky clifford ruckerdimension whitehead zollner space

Reading List Feb-March 2019

peter sjostedt h n-dimensional space hyperspace dimensions fourth

Reading List – April-May 2019


sjostedt h


Reading List – Oct-Nov – 2019

Reading List Jan-Feb 2020