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Neo-Nihilism: the Philosophy of Power

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– Introduction
– Morality is Illusion
– Law is Force
– Life is Will to Power

This text concisely puts forward the case for a form of nihilism – fusing thoughts from Hume, Schopenhauer, and Nietzsche, amongst others. It forcefully argues that morality as we know it is a power structure disguised as knowledge; that law is based upon this false idol; and that thus power is, in fact, the basis of all life.

Marvel's philosopher superhero Karnak was inspired by this text, Neo-Nihilism:

'I became aware of Peter's work through his short book NEO-NIHILISM, which turned up at just the right time for me,
because it was just before I was starting to think about my approach to KARNAK, the series I'm currently writing for Marvel Comics.
Peter's a philosopher by trade, ... and he's a writer of uncommon skill and clarity...'
(– Warren Ellis, Orbital Operations, 12th-06-2016)

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Marvel's Karnak inspired by Neo-Nihilism

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Neo-Nihilism: the Philosophy of Power - pdf

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