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psychedelic philosophy phenomenology whitehead nietzsche schopenhauer panpsychism animism lsd dmt psilocybin shrooms

The Noumenaut – 3:am Magazine interviews Peter Sjöstedt-H

neo-nihilism nihilism Warren Ellis Thacker Cornish philosophy philosopher Noumenautics psychedelics comic book Marvel Inhumans movie film

On Peter Sjöstedt-H’s influence on Marvel philosopher superhero Karnak.

Peter Sjostedt-H on Reality Check Podcast philosophy interview nihilism Nietzsche Whitehead Schopenhauer Kant panpsychism panexperientialism

Click for Podcast interview on Youtube – on philosophy of mind, panpsychism, nihilism and psychedelic phenomenology.

psychedelics neurosoup noumenautics peter sjostedt-h sjöstedt-h philosophy

Noumenautics was the March 2016 book club selection of the Neurosoup organisation.

philosophy peter sjostedt-H metaphysics power wille zur macht nachlass concept notion idea tenet

Metanoia Magazine – includes article on Nietzsche’s Will to Power by Sjöstedt-H (pp18–22)

A Psychedelic Revaluation of All Values – interview may 2016

A Psychedelic Revaluation of All Values – interview may 2016

whitehead organism realism process panexperientialism panpsychism penentheism prehensions

The Philosophy of Organism by Sjöstedt-H – in Philosophy Now, issue 114

Peter Sjöstedt-H psychedelics whitehead entheogens dmt lsd psilocybin mushrooms shrooms metaphysics

ICPR2016 conference interview, Amsterdam

neo-nihilism, karnak, marvel, noumenautics, sjostedt, peter, warren ellis, author, writing, style, tips, technique

Sjöstedt-H interviewed by Marvel legend Warren Ellis

outsight huxley osmond mind consciousness entheogen academic smythies

Sjöstedt-H interview for Inside the Rift on the Philosophy of Psychedelics

Sjöstedt-H interviewed by Open Air Atheist

Sjöstedt-H interviewed by Open Air Atheist

philosophy of mind, phenomenology, psychedelics, entheogens, hallucinogen, Nietzsche, Kant, Swedenborg, Broad, emergentism, emergence, panpsychism

Enpsychedelia interviews Peter Sjöstedt-H

Nietzsche Plato James Schopenhauer opium Marcuse Paz Deleuze Bergson Huxley Osmond Outsight

Psychedelic Influence on Philosophy – High Existence article

nietzsche bergson whitehead psychedelics nihilism entheogens god atheism christianity sweden politics is-ought eternal objects

The Catacombic Machine talks to Peter Sjöstedt-H

plato psychedelics eleusinian mysteries lsd dmt psilocybin psychedelics entheogens greece philosophy

Peter Sjöstedt-H interview written into an article for popular Quartz newspaper (August 2017)